Thursday, December 2, 2010

8 Excellent Twitter Analytics Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams

Twitter is now the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and MySpace (Compete, 2009). A year ago, it has over a million users and 200,000 active monthly users sending over 3 million updates per day (TechCrunch, 2008). Those figures have almost certainly increased since then. With the torrential streams of Twitter updates (or tweets), there's an emerging demand to sieve signals from noises and harvest useful information.

Enter Twitter Analytics, Twitter Analysis, or simply just Analytwits (in the tradition of Twitter slang). These analytics tools are growing in numbers; even Twitter is developing them.

Besides Twitter Search, the following 8 Analytwits are some of the more useful web applications to analyze Twitter streams. Each of these tools serve specific purpose. They crawl and sift through Twitter streams; also, aggregate, rank and slice-and-dice data to deliver some insights on Twitter activities and trends. There's no single best analytic tool available but use in combination, they can extract interesting insights from Twitter streams.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Facebook: First social networking, then movies, now shoes???

 These shoes are going Places (get it Facebook Places, ah forget it). The sneakers are not available for purchase (sorry to disappoint you). It's simply a concept by Glasgow designer Gerry McKan. McKan also created a Twitter version. Read the whole Blog Herald article here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OMI's Social Media University: Linked In

Introducing: OMI's Social Media U!

One of the things we've found here at OMI as we work with our clients is that they know enough about all of the social networks they hear about to know they need to join, but amazingly, they have no idea why they need to join.

So they sign up for an account (on whichever network grabs their attention first) and begin hammering away at hard-selling whoever they attract to their page, or sometimes, unsure of what the heck to do, they just start posting short, mindless blurbs about whatever crosses their minds that day. Not good.

So at OMI, we've dedicated ourselves to finding the best content available that explains not just what a network is, but what it does, and how you should use it. First in our series is "What is Linked In?", produced by the fine folks at Linked In to give users a better sense of how to use this important tool. Later, we'll share tips on using Linked In, and a wealth of information about all of the other dizzying array of network choices their are for the online marketer and casual social media user. But for now - let's have a look at Linked In. Prepare to be amazed! Astonished! Or..educated!!!! (Clears throat).

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